Attorney Deborah L. Mack, JD/MBA


  • Chapter 7 "Walk Away" Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 "Repayment" Bankruptcy over 36-60 Months

Mortgage Modifications

  • Mortgage financial difficulties addressed
  • Steps to avoid foreclosure
  • Get expert support for application submissions


  • State Of Ohio
  • The IRS (Internal Revenue Service)
  • Creditors

Social Security Disability

  • We are highly proactive to get your application submitted
  • Handle multiple screenings to do a lot of the leg work for you
  • Employ a solid team that you can trust in fighting for your best interests

We also offer services for

  • Foreclosure defense including

    • note allonges (the transfer of your mortgage loan)
    • mortgage assignments (the transfer of your mortgage)
    • mortgage loan securitization
    • robo-signing by Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) and notaries public to surrender your home with minimal liability to you to keep your home with affordable payments

  • Credit Report Inaccuracies – especially post-discharge

  • Post-Discharge Violations (after your debts are forgiven in a bankruptcy)

    • creditor harassment for discharged debt
    • mortgage balance issues
    • liens not removed
    • no lingering issues for titles and deeds
    • If you completed a chapter 13 and your mortgage servicer starts sending statements for the wrong amount, call our office right away – we love these cases!
  • Student Loans

    • get them out of default status
    • consolidate
    • negotiate a reasonable payment
    • forbearance
    • deferment
  • Pre-marital counseling for credit issues

  • Post-decree domestic relations financial and legal advice