Financial concerns of those 55 and older discussed.

My partner Lentcen Roig and I had this great conversation with host Doug Theaker of “I Love My Job” on television station WMFD  Channel 15 on Time Warner locally.

The discussion specifically addressed financial concerns of those 55 and older. We talked about the viability of reverse mortgages, transfer/pay on death documents to avoid probate, and advance directives so others may assist if necessary. We especially focused on financial issues related to retirement such as the timing of mortgage modifications, drawing one spouse’s social security first, not working right away until you change your circumstances after your initial retirement. We have been getting some totally awesome mods on mortgages and timing it all out with bankruptcies and foreclosures and removals of tax liens.

The show has aired and you can see it on WMFD TV website “Watch shows at WMFD” On that page scroll down to the Feb. 18 broadcast featuring Lentcen and me. Lots of good information!