Fighting For Your Rights

Medical issues caused at least 70% of my clients to have financial problems due to loss of income. Most lawyers want you to apply for SSD benefits yourself and then talk to them after you have been denied. Conversely we approach these cases with attention to detail:

  • My part-time nurse spends several hours with you for the initial online application inputting every diagnosis, prescription, treatment provider, and test that you can remember.
  • We run the intake screening, and then another for Internet search engines to find medical providers, addresses and telephone numbers.
  • After we obtain releases from you to gather the medical records, we scan them into our computer and upload them for you.
  • We fax in updates to Social Security for ongoing treatment, if you become homeless, or lose your source of income.
  • We contact your treatment providers to ensure that they understand “buzz words” that trigger action.
  • We suggest medical providers for symptoms that are not currently being treated “because I can’t afford them.”

Our online, secure portal permits you to message us 24-7. You can chat with the entire staff or just Attorney Mack privately. Whoever checks our portal first can provide the answer but if other staff members have additional information, then we share that also.

The great thing about being sick and broke, if there is one, is that you have a bankruptcy attorney who has your back. We can file a chapter 13 case which lets you pay the bankruptcy trustee a minimal amount of money per month. You can stay in that type of bankruptcy up to five years. When you receive your benefits award, then we can convert you to a chapter 7 don’t-repay bankruptcy and add in all of your newly-incurred medical debt since the date of filing. Meanwhile, you have peace of mind and the burden of collection agencies constantly calling you will STOP once we file the chapter 13. If a collection agency violates the Fair Debt Collection Act “FDCPA” or the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act “OCSPA” then we may realize enough funds to not file bankruptcy at all and settle with your other creditors. We have done this for our clients!