Mortgage Modifications

If you are having a problem paying your mortgage, then talk to us. We have been extremely successful obtaining mortgage modifications for clients!
This means that the mortgage servicer modifies the terms of your mortgage such as your monthly payment. We make sure that you understand that if you have forced-place insurance, then your personal property all your appliances, electronics, clothing is not covered by your homeowners insurance policy.
We contact the mortgage company to obtain a current application from them and then work with you to gather all of your documents.

Can you do this on your own? Sure.

But with the chance to get stuck in the paperwork or if you already have a foreclosure filed against you, you're better off letting us do it!

We have easily done over 100 modifications and know the countless reasons why these applications get returned. A good number of all of our mods go through the first time while others do require updates.

Attorney Mack goes to national bankruptcy and mortgage modification seminars to work these cases as effectively as possible. Attorney Mack works with The Dann Law Firm when clients need a successful, knowledgeable litigation firm when their mortgage and foreclosure legal rights have been violated.
This way, clients can have local lawyer who communicates with them in person and with the firm through the private portal. Dealing with any big city firm where you can’t just stop in is frustrating when we live 70 miles from any major city.

Right now, the government has a program that permits Ohioans who have received unemployment benefits since January 1, 2014 to obtain up to $25,000 towards their mortgage arrears and on-going payments. This program is the real deal! I’m a lawyer and I am telling you that it is genuine. One sees a bunch of Internet scams about free government give-aways but – this is not a scam. A number of clients earning just under $100,000 annual household gross income have received assistance up to nine months, including escrowed taxes and insurance. There are a number of details and requirements to this program. You only get one shot at an application so make sure that you do it right.